Ensure Your Health and Safety Polices Are Up To Standard With An Audit

A health and safety audit from Back Pocket will check if your current system remains effective. It also ensures it remains compliant with current legislation. In addition, audits can save you money over the long term, they make your workplace safer, and mitigate risks that can stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

We have substantial experience carrying out health and safety audits in civil/earthmoving, construction, and transportation businesses and projects in Auckland. Our specialty is in working with small and medium-sized businesses, so our services are tailored specifically for you. We know the pressures you are under, particularly in terms of resources. We also understand the financial pressures of running a small business. We therefore offer effective audits at an affordable price.

Benefits Of A Health And Safety Audit

  • Ensures your current health and safety system is effective
  • Ensures your current system is legally compliant
  • Keeps your workplace safe for employees, visitors, and customers
  • Mitigates business risks

How The Process Works

We start by checking your current health and safety system. This typically involves a visit to your location to inspect the site, view your documentation, and speak to relevant staff. From this we will identify problems, if there are any. If there are we will also recommend solutions to bring you up to standard. We can help you implement the solutions too.

In addition, we carry out employee spot checks and contractor spot checks, plus we do independent audits of sub-contractors on behalf of principal contractors.

To arrange an audit, or to get more information, please contact us today by calling 027 282 7761.