Contract Management

Health And Safety Contract Management

Do you work in a business that requires the use of contractors? This arguably makes health and safety management more complex, although it is no less necessary. Back Pocket has a solution that will save you time and money while also ensuring your company is compliant with all relevant legislation. Our health and safety contract management solution also ensures your workplace is as safe as possible.

It essentially involves outsourcing the management of contractor health and safety to us. We have extensive civil, earthmoving, construction, and transportation industry experience. We also have the skills and ability to perform this task to the highest possible standard, while leaving you time to get on with what you do best – running your business and looking after your customers.

Services We Provide

All our solutions are customised to your individual requirements but they can include:

  • Prequalification selection
  • The drafting and management of health and safety agreements between your business and contractors
  • Induction and training for contractors on all relevant aspects of health and safety
  • Performance monitoring so issues can be identified and resolved quickly and efficiently

Working With Us

You will find us completely professional and we will always represent your company in the best possible way. We are flexible and efficient, and will diligently deliver our services so that you can achieve your objectives.

For a more efficient way of handling contractor health and safety issues you should contact us today by calling 027 282 7761.