Incident Investigation

Workplace Incident Investigation In Auckland

A workplace incident or accident is a stressful for time for everyone involved. This includes the injured party as well as their colleagues, management, and owners of the business. Back Pocket will ensure any incidents in your business are properly investigated.

When we carry out a workplace incident investigation, we are not primarily concerned with finding someone to blame. Instead, our objective is to discover the root cause of the incident by independently investigating it. In addition, we look for the lessons that can be learned and identify areas for improvement in your business. We can then draft plans, policies, and procedures to deliver those improvements to decrease the chance of the issue occurring again.

Our investigations can also be useful if you are prosecuted as a result of the incident

What We Do

We tailor each investigation to the specific incident and the needs of your business. The process typically includes:

  • An on-site inspection of the location of the incident
  • Detailed evidence recording
  • Obtaining and documenting witness statements
  • Interviewing the injured parties
  • Liaising with WordSafe NZ
  • Providing you with a report on the incident
  • Providing you with a follow-up plan on actions that should be taken to avoid similar incidents happening in the future

Working With Us

Jacque is an incident investigator with extensive experience investigating a wide range of incidents, primarily in the transportation, construction, and civil/earthmoving industries. Our job is to help you get through a difficult time while also making your business better and stronger as a result of any lessons learned.

If you have had an incident that needs investigated, or you want more information on our services, please phone us today on 027 282 7761.