Get The Skills You Need With Health And Safety Outsourcing

Back Pocket has the ideal solution if you need a specialist health and safety professional working in your business, but don’t want to employ one directly. Our health and safety outsourcing service has allowed many Auckland businesses to get the day-to-day services of an expert in the field, without recruiting anyone.

Maybe you don’t want to incur the expense of recruiting another full-time employee. Maybe you only need the person for a fixed period of time. Maybe you want a level of flexibility that is not possible when employing someone.

Benefits To Your Business

  • Lower cost than recruiting a new employee
  • Highly experience and well trained health a safety professional guaranteed
  • Better flexibility than you would get by recruiting a new employee
  • Clearly defined objectives and measurable goals

What We Do

We keep our services as affordable as possible, and will always consider you budget. We also look at what your business needs and what you expect to achieve or complete. A solution will then be created based on those needs. That solution will include the services of a highly experienced health and safety professional, as well as contract terms, objectives, and targets.

The health and safety specialist assigned to your business will then work towards those objectives, meeting agreed targets and achieving specified goals and objectives.

To get more information on our health and safety outsourcing service please contact us today by calling 027 282 7761.