Health and Safety Training in Auckland

At Back Pocket, we take a unique approach to health and safety training. For us, it is not a tick box exercise that involves covering all the topics with little regard to how effective the training actually is. Our approach is making the training as practical, hands-on, and relevant as possible.

The main industries we work in are civil engineering, earthmoving, construction, and transportation, and the health and safety topics we cover are tailored for those industries. Your team will engage with the training because it covers situations and issues they see and experience every day.

In addition, we also make each training session as enjoyable as possible. The aim is the person or group leaves the training thinking it was valuable. We also want them to remember the content – making the training enjoyable, personal, and interactive is how we achieve this.

Topics Covered

  • Health & Safety Legislation
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Procedure
  • Incident investigation
  • Evaluating hazards
  • And more

A Tailored Approach To Training

We will tailor our training service to the needs of your business and project. This can include topics relevant to your industry, or covering changes to health and safety law in the workplace. We can also conduct training with your team on your specific procedures and policies.

You will always find our approach to be professional, and our knowledge of health and safety, particularly within the industries that we specialise in, to be unrivaled.

To discuss the health and safety training needs in your business, please contact us today.